About Me


I’m Rebecca (Becks, Becky, etc) – Hi there! – I’m a flower infatuated, interior decor junkie, travel obsessed tea lover, who is originally from a wee coastal English town (one that no one has ever heard of) and is now lucky enough to call New Zealand home, where my husband David and I share our humble abode with a beyond hyperactive adolescent border collie, who keeps us constantly on our toes!

‘A Rosy Disposition’ was literally a lightbulb moment for me.  Somehow while getting lost in the mix of the ‘norms’ of life and figuring out who I wanted to be, I somehow forgot who I quintessentially am…and thus!  This blog was born.  A starting point.  An outlet and that little bit of push I need to get my mind back on track, with creative utilities in my hands.  A space where I hope others will find inspiration and the drive to do what it is that they love.  I hope to share the little aspects and moments that make my world what it is; here you’ll find stories and photographs from our everyday lives, our adventures and creative spurts around the home.

I relish in surrounding spaces that are full of inspirational conversation starting bits n’ bobs (some may call it unnecessary clutter) and that exude an array of home comforts – and that it what I want this site to be – a space where you can come on in, snuggle back into a heavily cushioned couch with a great big cup of tea (or caffeine hit of your choice) and feel like home – I really hope you like it here!

Welcome to A Rosy Disposition xo